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Interviews of Roberto Mangabeira Unger

”>”Rede TV November 2015 Interview

"Remaking the Democratic Party"

Interview with The Financial Times

"Bossa Nova: Harvard Law's Roberto Unger Takes on the Future of Brazil"

"Un progresista es uns conspirador contra el destino" [Spanish] (Prodavinci Venezuela)

"La rebeldía sin proyecto fracas" [Spanish] (Prodavinci Venezuela)

A Program for Late Twentieth-Century Psychiatry

Presented as the William C. Menninger Memorial Convocation Lecture at the 133rd annual meeting of the American Psychiatric Association, San Francisco, May 3-9, 1980. Published in the American Journal of Psychiatry, 139:2, February 1982, pp. 155-164.


These occasional pieces represent yet another attempt to reconsider general ideas about society and personality from the vantage point of a particular practical domain. The little lecture "The Better Futures of Architectures" was part of a debate with Jacques Derrida. The subsequent letter grew out of conversations, prompted by the lecture, with Rem Koolhaass and Frank Gehry.

Discussions of Roberto Mangabeira Unger's Work in Social Theory

Here are some contrasting approaches to my writings in social theory. They may help the reader engage the work.

Politics The Central Texts: Introduction by Zhiyuan Cui

Unger, Castoriadis, and the Romance of a National Future: by Richard Rorty

A Zone of Engagement: Roberto Unger and the Politics of Empowerment: by Perry Anderson

Letter about Perry Anderson's essay

Unger and Milton: by Stanley Fish

False Universality: Infinite Personality and Finite Existence in Unger's Politics: by William Galston

Routine and Revolution: by Cass Sunstein

Unger's Politics and the Appraisal of Political Possibility: by John Dunn

Practical Reason and Social Democracy: Reflections on Unger's Passion and Politics: by Geoffrey Hawthorn

Radical Politics in a New Key?: by Tony Judt

Radical Constructivism in Social Theory: by Robert Burns

Commonsense Reasoning, Social Change, and the Law: by David VanZandt

Psychiartry as Scientific Humanism: by J. Allan Hobson

Programmatic Thought and the Critique of the Social Disciplines: by David Trubek

Religion and the Making of Society: by Charles Davis

Unger's Emancipatory Experimentalism: by Cornel West

Plasticity into Power: Two Crises in the History of France and and China: by J.C. Cleary & Patrice Higonnet

Unger's Brazilian Journalism: by William H. Simon

The Politics of Economy: by Samuel Moyn

Roberto Unger and the politics of transformation in an Asian context: by Andrew Phang

A Practical Utopianism?: by Michael Rustin

Review of The Self Awakened: by Lee Smolin